Our video producer and camera operator Edwin was recently approached by ABC Radio Brisbane and asked to speak on their Drive program, about tips and tricks for looking and sounding your best on video calls and zoom meetings.

It goes without saying that we all want to look our best on camera, so it’s important to understand how to easily achieve that.

Listen to the audio recording below:

We talked about:

  • Getting the best camera position
  • How to achieve the best lighting setup easily
  • How to get clear audio
  • The backdrop behind you
  • What to wear (and what not to wear!)
  • Where to look and how to present yourself

These aspects are particularly important if you’re giving a presentation in a virtual meeting, live stream, webinar or conference.

As camera operators these elements are second-nature to us, but in this virtual world we’ve now all become camera operators whether we like it or not.

What’s your number one tip for being on a Zoom call? Do you have any funny stories to share?

We’d love to hear them – you can get in touch with us if you’d like to share.