Most humans have a strong BS meter when we’re being sold to… we love to buy, but not be sold to.

When doing business marketing for your brand or company, have you heard of the idea of buyer’s resistance?

It’s the idea that people love to buy from you, but they don’t like to be sold to.

So, when creating marketing content, don’t just tell them “Buy my product because it’s really good”, or “buy my product because this and that…”

That’s too blatant, it’s too forceful in the idea of selling. I see a lot of B2B marketing content online that is still old-school direct selling, and it’s an instant turnoff.

If you want any chance of winning trust with potential customers, you need a better way to approach the market.

High quality, engaging video marketing content is a great tool to lower buyer’s resistance, as it allows you to show how your products or services have been used by other customers, in an informative low-pressure way.

So rather than selling directly to your customers, you’re informing them through valuable, interesting marketing content, that will help inform them, and give them the power to make the decision whether they want to buy from you or not.

So remember, when creating your marketing content, think of buyer’s resistance.

What can you do to lower the buyer’s resistance, by giving them informative, helpful information about your products and services  that enables them to make the decision to purchase from you.

The next time you’re thinking about your business marketing strategy, consider how you can use video to help lower buyer’s resistance.

Is lowering buyer’s resistance part of your B2B business marketing strategy?

Thanks for reading.