About Us

Our vision is to help our customers win more work, showcase their capabilities, and build a safer, smarter workplace and business culture.

Proud of the industry, we see the positive impact.

We love the heavy industry and are proud to be working in it, but we know there’s a lot of negativity out there in the media.

Despite this, we see the positive impact our customers are having across Australia – supporting local jobs, communities, and products that the population use and need everyday.

We’re here to help communicate the positive impact our customers are having throughout Australian communities, by creating videos that tell engaging human stories and project updates.

With over 16 years experience in video production across Australia, we understand that every customer has unique needs.

We know how to tailor video requirements for companies of all sizes – from Tier 1 mining clients to family-run manufacturing businesses – so they can get on with the business of building products and delivering projects.

Meet the team

Edwin Davis - Video Producer in Brisbane

Edwin Davis

Founder & Creative Director

Kit Lee Whyte - Production Assistant

Kit Lee Whyte

Production Coordinator

Zollie Csernyánszky - video editor

Zoltan Csernyánszky

Video Editor

Zach Walker - Creative Video Producer in Brisbane

Zach Walker

Creative Video Producer

Dan Shakibaie

Camera Operator

Hayden - Camera Operator

Hayden Franklin

Camera Operator

Edwin's Story (part 1)

It started with a curious kid

From an early age, Edwin has always been fascinated with big machines, construction and mechanics. Whether it was playing with trucks in the sandpit, poring over books about machinery, or taking apart absolutely everything he could (to the horror of his parents), Edwin would take every opportunity to find out how thing work – and got the nickname ‘Curious Eddie’ in the process!

By the way – taking apart a desk lamp, sticking your finger in and turning on the switch is not the brightest way to check out how the light works!

Edwin's Story (part 2)

He then got a camera in his hands

Come to the high school years, and Edwin discovered he could hire a video camera from the school’s media department and take it home with no questions asked… this was a dream come true. Countless hours were spent creating silly home videos with his brothers.

At the age of 18, Edwin started a multimedia business with his brother, where they specialised in converting VHS video tapes to DVDs. They began offering production services as well, creating training and promo videos for local businesses.

Edwin's Story (part 3)

The big move

In 2016, Edwin sold his Adelaide business and moved with his wife to sunny Brisbane. In a brand new city with minimal connections, he started again from scratch.

Working on a number of video projects in the mining and construction industry, his passion for machines and all things metal and dirt was soon reignited, and Pure Gold Films was formed shortly after.

He’s still as fascinated as ever with big machinery and how things work, as well as using video to tell interesting stories about the people and businesses that make up this great country Australia.

Our values

Trustworthy, gentle and personable.
We are friendly and thoughtful towards others, and act with honesty and integrity at all times, even when people aren’t watching.

Serving our customers, not our own egos.
We’re 100% customer focused, striving for a smooth customer experience on every video project, and providing additional support where it’s needed.

Taking safety seriously.
We always work in a safe manner onsite, never taking unacceptable risks.

Understanding the true need.
We take the time to get a real grasp of each customer’s true needs, pain points and challenges. It’s then all about creating a tailored solution to get the right results.

Thinking outside the box.
We’re not afraid to suggest ideas that might be a bit different. Video content must be engaging, and we’ll do whatever is possible to create engaging content for our customer’s target viewers.

High quality video, every time.
No matter what size the project, we strive for excellence in creating high quality, engaging video content. We keep the production standard high, and take pride in all the small steps along the way.

Commitment to a Sustainable Supply Chain Management

At Pure Gold Films, how we do things is as important as what we do. We follow the philosophy of “caring for the environments in which we work” and seek out partners and suppliers who support this philosophy.

Furthermore, we find business relationships are more productive and effective when they are built on trust, mutual respect and common values, with zero tolerance for unethical or corrupt practices.

Pure Gold Films seeks and fosters relationships with suppliers and partners who share a common commitment to:

  • Comply with applicable laws and regulations of all relevant states and territories
  • Behave ethically and with integrity
  • Integrate quality into business processes
  • Respect human, employment rights and fair‐trade principles
  • Promote safety, health and well‐being of employees
  • Embrace sustainability and operate in an environmentally responsible manner
  • Implement management systems to maintain business continuity and continuous improvement.

These guiding principles strive to positively impact the lives of our customers, partners, staff, the environment at large and the communities in which we operate.

Adherence to these guidelines enables businesses and communities to realise economic, social and environmental benefits.

Any questions and clarifications relating to this Commitment can be addressed at info@puregoldfilms.com.au.

Focused on getting the right results for your business.

Taking a deliberate customer-focused approach, we understand the role that video content plays in company marketing, training and communications. Videos must be effective in achieving a greater business goal, or solving a particular challenge.

Unlike other video companies who often just focus on creating pretty content, we understand that video is a tool, used to meet a greater business objective. We’re not wannabe, egocentric film directors trying to make a break. Or we haven’t just picked up video and photography as a recent hobby.

For every project, we set out from the beginning to understand what our customers’ objectives and challenges are. Partnering with our customers, we then create a video strategy and process that meets their specific requirements.

Our production process has been trusted by a range of clients across Australia including Volvo, Asahi Beverages, Electrolux, Liebherr Mining, Kimberly-Clark and Martinus.

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