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Ashley says…

Ashley Lioubachevskii

Digital Marketing and Content Manager

Hastings Deering

“We are a leader in the industry for what we do. So whether that’s selling machinery or telling stories, we need to have that same level throughout the whole business.

And working with Pure Gold Films, you just know that production is going to come out at that level we need, or even exceed that level.”

Justin says…

Justin Brosnan

Senior Marketing Coordinator


“Now that we have a really strong foundation and partnership with Pure Gold Films, it really makes the future so much easier and simpler.

It’s that assurance and that trust that comes with knowing that we’re gonna get a really really good final product and it’s gonna take quarter or half the time of what it would if we worked with another video editor.”

Billie says…

Biljana Stanic

Head of Marketing and Communications

Martinus Logo

“Edwin and his team of talented and passionate photography and videography professionals have a thorough understanding of the rail industry, our needs and most importantly the safety aspect of working within rail corridors (including operational railway sites).”

Karl says…

Karl Erakovic

Vice President Brand Creative / Creative Director

Tritium logo

“Video is a very strong storytelling medium. We use it a lot to help tell our stories to our market.

It’s easy to work with someone who understands, and that’s why I like Pure Gold Films.”

Hannah says…

Hannah Bell

Microsoft Master Trainer

Retail Safari - Microsoft Logo

“The response we got from the videos was even better than I could have imagined. Everybody loved it!

We had almost 100% retention rate, which I think really speaks to how engaging the videos are.”

Prince and Sophie say…

Prince Seeva

Founding Director

and Sophie Parslow

Marketing Manager

Comoda - Design and Construction company in Brisbane

“Specialising in the construction industry, they had an understanding of the timelines involved and were proactive in ensuring all key milestones were captured.

We’ve already seen results in a very short time. We’ve had new clients engage us, refering back to the videos.”

Jordan says…

Jordan Haimes

Community Engagement Officer

Cross River Rail Logo

“They were able to quickly come in and ran a really good live stream, so we got a great outcome for the Cross River Rail project.

There was some anxiety around doing a live stream, but they were really good guys, a calming influence, and very very professional at all times.”

Holli and Kim say…

Holli O’Brien

Group Marketing Manager

and Kim Zoulek

Festival Director

Oktoberfest - Brisbane live festival event

“We don’t have the luxury of hand holding a creative team throughout the whole process, so knowing that every day the team was there on time, the clips were done on time is really valuable.

The quality that Edwin and the team have brought on with their videos is exactly to our standards.”

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