As the digital marketing and content manager at Hastings Deering, Ashley Lioubachevskii knows the importance of developing and executing a strong content marketing strategy. From editorial pieces to social media posts and video content, the goal is to showcase the company’s machinery and tell the stories of their customers and team in the best light.

Hastings Deering sell, rent and support Caterpillar machinery across mining, construction, and civil industries. As one of the largest Caterpillar dealerships in the world, they have over 3,000 employees across 23 business service centres.

“We are a leader in the industry for what we do. So whether that’s selling machinery or telling stories, we need to have that same level throughout the whole business. And working with Pure Gold Films, you just know that production is going to come out at that level we need, or even exceed that level.”
– Ashley Lioubachevskii, Digital Marketing and Content Manager

In today’s digital world, video and content are crucial. To truly engage audiences, the content must be more than just a marketing message. It must be deep and meaningful, telling the story of what the machinery can do and illustrating its capabilities through moving imagery.


To achieve this level of quality, it’s important to work with the right people. Ashley found success in working with Pure Gold Films, a company that produces industrial video content for mining, construction and heavy industries – the type of content that Hastings Deering want to create.

Not only do Pure Gold Films understand Hastings Deering’s brand perspective, but they also understand what Hastings Deering’s customers want and are able to create relevant videos for that target audience.

As the demand for high-quality video content grows within Hastings Deering, Pure Gold has been able to respond quickly to last-minute requests and meet tight deadlines. With a commitment to producing top-notch work, Pure Gold has helped Hastings Deering maintain the level of quality they strive for as a leader in the industry.


Videos developed for Hastings Deering:

Cat Advansys GET in Outback Queensland
Start Something Big - Hastings Deering Recruitment Campaign
Hastings Deering: Hutchinson Quarries Customer Story - CAT 980M
Hastings Deering - Mackellar Mining Undercarriage Testimonial
CAT 657G Scraper in workshop - 1920x1080
CAT 315 construction excavator