Phibion MudMaster in Far North Queensland

Phibion engaged Pure Gold Films to create this video specifically for the launch of their autonomous MudMaster at the World Mining Congress in Brisbane in June 2023.

This innovative automated machine makes tailings dams safer, smaller and more sustainable. This fully autonomous mine tailings management system is revolutionising operations in the most challenging tailings dam environments.

It halves in-situ tailings volume, recycles entrained tailings water, and strengthens and safeguards tailings storage facilities.

With a short turnaround time of two weeks, our team were able to deliver the following:

  • Plan the logistics of sending a camera crew to remote Weipa in Far North Queensland
  • Undertake the required inductions and medicals to visit the Rio Tinto site
  • Have a professional voiceover confirmed and recorded
  • Conduct a day of filming, including aerial drone footage and specialised lighting in the remote control centre
  • Edit the footage together into a compelling sequence
  • Add customised motion graphics to enhance the brand and messaging
  • Deliver the final high resolution video file

At Pure Gold Films we love helping shine a spotlight on incredible products like the Dart MudMaster. We’re committed to helping companies like Phibion elevate their presence on the global stage, driving growth and supporting the wider Australian mining industry through impactful marketing videos.

The videos we create are able to speak more effectively to the Australian mining industry compared to videos made by other video production agencies.

This is because our knowledge and experience in the mining industry allows us to understand the specific challenges and requirements of mining companies, machinery providers and mine services providers, enabling us to produce videos that more effectively showcase their innovations, products, and services.

If your company has a brand image problem, or you’d like to better promote your products, get in touch with us today.

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