Most businesses know that video is a powerful marketing and communications tool, but have wrestled with how to harness the power of video to get real, tangible results for their business.

Video is about more than just posting short clips to a company Instagram page.

If used effectively and with a considered strategy, video can lead to huge results:

  • winning major new projects
  • enhancing brand image
  • gaining more product sales
  • training a safer workforce with less injuries and downtime

It’s particularly relevant for businesses in mining, construction, resources and manufacturing, where it’s so important to stand out from the crowd, and the next big project to win is always on the horizon.

1. Improve brand awareness

Does your business has an image problem? A well produced video leaves a positive lasting impression in a viewer’s mind. It lays the groundwork for future interactions with your target market.

2. Win project bids and tenders

Clearly communicate why your business is the best choice for a new project, while demonstrating your capabilities on past projects.

Create a lasting impression and clear advantage in your viewer’s mind. Videos should be tailored to each specific project bid or tender. 

Create a lasting impression and clear advantage in your viewer’s mind, through an engaging video that is tailored to a specific project bid or tender. 

Australian manufacturing video

3. Launch a product

Video gives you the freedom to present your product in a creative way that will attract the attention of key decision makers in your target market.

Thinking creatively and outside the box often gets the best results. High-end video production specifically tailored for maximum impact will deliver the best engagement with key decision makers and stakeholders.

Use high-end video production specifically tailored to deliver maximum impact and engagement with key decision makers and stakeholders.

4. Showcase capabilities 

The power of video is in the visuals – the ability to show stunning detailed footage of your capabilities in action.

Is it your people? Your equipment? Or your tech? Whatever the capability, you’ll get best results if the video focuses on show how your business helps your customers succeed.

Arrium Mining - Testimonial Video

5. Update your workforce

Quickly communicate important company and project updates to your staff and stakeholders.

Video gives the benefit of delivering a consistent message across the board.

Engaging videos increase buy-in and shared ownership with your workforce and staff teams.

6. Train your workforce

Staff and contractors are more likely to retain important safety information if it’s presented in a memorable way.

Use voiceovers, graphics and animation in conjunction with video as a powerful communication tool.

Many people are visual learners, so video helps communicate in a way that’s more engaging than standard presentations or written training.

Have you found any other advantages in using video for your business? I’ve love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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— Edwin