Do you work in corporate marketing and communications, and are always searching for the next piece of quality video content to use in your company’s marketing?

In business marketing and comms, corporate video content reigns supreme in capturing audiences’ attention and conveying messages effectively. Creating high-quality videos can be a time-consuming and costly endeavour, but the value of videos can be increased by repurposing your video content across various platforms. In this blog post, we’ll explore six creative ways to repurpose your video content to reach a broader audience across the industry and achieve your marketing goals.

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1. Front-and-Center on Your Website:

Your website is your most important online asset, and it’s the perfect place to showcase your video content. Consider making a video montage the first thing visitors see when they land on your homepage. A compelling video can quickly engage and inform your website visitors, increasing the chances of conversion and longer browsing times. But keep it short: under 60 seconds is our recommendation in most cases. 

2. Social Media:

We often have so much great footage left over from a corproate video shoot that doesn’t make it into the main video. So we suggest and provide additional short clips for your company’s social media channels. Social media platforms provide an excellent opportunity to share your video content with an engaged audience. Here are some specific platforms to consider for corporate B2B marketing content:

  • LinkedIn: Post informative video content, such as highlight snippets from webinars, podcast recordings or case study interviews, that can establish your expertise in your industry.
  • Instagram: Share short video clips or create Stories to provide sneak peeks or highlights from your longer videos.
  • YouTube: Upload your longer videos to your company’s YouTube channel to reach a broader audience. Be sure to optimise your video titles, descriptions and tags, as this will improve search visibility.
  • Facebook: Share your video content on your business page and consider running paid video ad campaigns to target specific demographics; for example, for employee recruitment purposes.
  • TikTok: Only if you’re game… repurpose short and informal segments from your videos that are suitable for TikTok’s user-focussed format, and use popular music and trends to reach a younger audience.

3. Paid Campaigns:

To maximise your reach in the corporate markets, consider investing in paid advertising campaigns on platforms like LinkedIn and YouTube. Target users based on their interests, their industry, their company or demographics, ensuring your video reaches the right audience. On LinkedIn, sponsored content and video ads can help you connect with prospects and leads in your industry, with lead generation forms being built into of LinkedIn’s advertising platform.

Just be careful: We recommend engaging an experienced digital marketer to set up and manage your paid campaigns, as it’s very easy to waste advertising budget if you try it yourself and don’t know what you’re doing.

4. Trade Shows and Industry Events:

Trade shows and expos for mining, construction, and rail industries are fantastic opportunities to repurpose video content. Create engaging capability videos or product demos to display at your booth, helping you attract and inform attendees. Additionally, you can share these videos on your social media channels to engage with a broader audience who couldn’t attend the event in person.

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5. Email Newsletters:

Email marketing remains a powerful tool for engaging with your audience. Embed video content directly into your email newsletters to incresae click-through rates and make them more engaging. Videos can help explain complex concepts, showcase product features, or share company updates more effectively than plain text.

6. Stills:

Don’t forget about the power of still images. Extract high-quality still frames from your videos to create eye-catching thumbnails for YouTube and social media. These images can also be repurposed as featured images in blog posts, presentations, or as part of your branding materials. We’re able to extract 4K resolution images, which is more than sufficient quality for most online purposes.

Repurposing video content is a smart strategy to make the most of your investment and reach a greater audience across multiple channels.

By strategically distributing your video content across your website, social media, paid campaigns, industry events and email newsletters, you can engage your audience effectively and achieve your marketing goals.

If you need help with creating and repurposing your video content, get in touch with us today.