Over the past three years Martinus, Australia’s largest rail infrastructure company, has chosen to partner with Pure Gold Films, a leading industrial video production company. The partnership between the two companies has been a huge success, with Pure Gold Films capturing the essence of the Martinus brand and telling the story of their growth journey in a visually stunning and impactful way.

This collaboration has been instrumental in elevating Martinus’ marketing strategy by providing exceptional content to tell the story of the company, its growth, and its projects.

Biljana Stanic, Head of Marketing Communications at Martinus, says that Pure Gold Films has elevated the company’s marketing strategy through their exceptional production of videos and content for social media, exhibitions, and other platforms. “They’ve really outdone themselves,” says Stanic, “and I’m grateful for everything they’ve done for us.”

One of the key elements of Pure Gold Films’ success has been their ability to understand what Martinus needs to capture from a marketing point of view. When they go on site, they know exactly what they need to do, taking into consideration all safety considerations while also delivering what Martinus needs to showcase their equipment, rail infrastructure, and other projects. “They have the autonomy to go on site with a brief and just deliver what we need,” says Stanic.

The team at Pure Gold Films has a deep understanding of the rail industry, and this is reflected in their approach to capturing the behind-the-scenes aspects of Martinus’ projects. They have been able to showcase the problem-solving, safety considerations, and the day-to-day work that goes into delivering world-class rail infrastructure.

Stanic is particularly excited about the behind-the-scenes aspects of the projects that Pure Gold Films has captured. “One of the most exciting and interesting things for me was capturing all the great things that our people are doing and delivering day in and day out, the complexity, the problem solving, and how they overcome challenges around safety,” she says.

Edwin and the team at Pure Gold Films have captured a wide range of footage, from traditional photos and industrial videos to drone footage and construction timelapse, showcasing different aspects of the machines and infrastructure. “They’ve showcased an insight into the rail industry and those exciting aspects that make up Martinus and who we are,” says Stanic.

Pure Gold Films has been a valuable video production and industrial photography partner for Martinus and has helped elevate the company’s marketing efforts and brand image in ways that are visually stunning and impactful. Stanic highly recommends Pure Gold Films and expresses her gratitude for everything they have done for Martinus over the years. “They’ve been with us through the whole growth journey of Martinus and it’s been very special,” she says.


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