Warning – rant ahead. I recently saw a photographer in the mining & construction industry share a post complaining about their photos not getting approved by a client. It’s likely there was a perceived safety risk in the photo, or because the photographer hadn’t understood the nuance of what the client was looking for. Frustratingly, perhaps they just didn’t recognise the importance of safety in this industry. Even if the action in the photo is technically ‘safe’… if there is a perceived risk or hazard, then it’s not going to cut it. It’s not helpful posting photos of unsafe practices, especially with mobile plant and equipment.

Heavy industry can be a sensitive topic, and now more than ever photographers and video producers need to understand how important it is to understand the complexities and nuances of the industry they’re portraying. That applies to all the video and photo content we create – whether for social media, training, or corporate marketing. Below, we share some more reasons why choosing a video production company that knows your industry is so important.

Industrial photography in Queensland
1. Understanding Risks and Hazards: Safety First

Working in heavy machinery, mining, construction, and industrial settings comes with inherent risks and hazards. Choosing a video production company that is familiar with these risks ensures that safety is a top priority. They are well-versed in the precautions, clearances, accreditations, and PPE necessary to work safely on sites. This knowledge minimises the potential for accidents and mishaps during content creation, keeping everyone involved safe.

2. Industry Experience: A Proven Track Record

Experience speaks volumes. A video production company with a background in heavy industry brings valuable experience to the table. They understand the unique challenges, nuances, and demands of your sector. This experience allows them to navigate complex projects efficiently and deliver content that aligns with your industry’s specific needs and goals.

3. Fluent in Industry Lingo

Heavy industry has its own vocabulary. The right video production company doesn’t need a glossary; from D11s to hydraulic impact hammers, they already speak the language. This fluency ensures that the content produced accurately represents your business, products, and services, resonating more effectively with your target audience.

4. Market Insight: A Unique Perspective

Years of working within the Australian industrial landscape provide industry-savvy production companies with unique insights into the market. They understand market trends, customer expectations, and industry dynamics. This knowledge allows them to tailor content that is not only informative but also aligns with your audience’s preferences and expectations.


5. Knowing What Works and What Doesn’t

The depiction of active mine sites, construction zones, and other industrial environments can be very sensitive. The right video production company understands the delicate balance between showcasing your work and respecting privacy and safety concerns. They know what works in terms of visual representation and storytelling, ensuring your content is both compelling and respectful.


When it comes to choosing a video production company for your heavy machinery, mining, construction, or industrial business, industry knowledge is an invaluable asset. It ensures safety, ease of communication, and the ability to create content that resonates effectively. By partnering with a video production company who truly understands your business, you can trust that your content will not only be engaging but also authentic and tailored to the unique demands of your industry.

At Pure Gold Films, we see the positive impact our heavy industry customers are having across Australia – from photographers in Perth to drone operators in Mackay – supporting local jobs, communities, and products that the population use and need everyday.

We’re here to help communicate the positive impact our customers are having throughout Australian communities, by creating videos that tell engaging human stories.

For more examples of how our industry knowledge helps us create high-quality videos for our customers, check out our portfolio.