2021 has been a challenging year for many. And yet, as hope and passion drives Australian businesses forward, it’s driven us forward too.

Watch the video below to see our construction, mining and manufacturing video highlights from 2021:

As industry continues to progress, we’ve witnessed the scale and complexity of rail lines built, equipment delivered all over the country, and products launched and sold to global audiences.

We’ve celebrated as our clients have won projects, reached milestones, skilfully assembled enormous machines, launched worldwide software, and developed the next level of technical innovations.

This year, we’ve worked alongside some incredible brands and businesses and have been blessed with the opportunity to tell their stories, showcase their success and create engaging, dynamic content.

Our cameras have captured epic moments, and rich, authentic stories that speak to audiences.

From Mackay to Gippsland, all the way to Brisbane and Sydney. No matter where your projects are located, our team’s been on the ground, boots in the dirt, passionate and proud to support Australian jobs, and Australian industry.

We capture the essence of who makes up your valuable team.

In refining your message and letting your people shine, we’ve struck Pure Gold.

Share what’s important, with Pure Gold Films.